Increasing Popularity Of Freebie Sites

Freebie websites are now very popular in the country. In the early stages of its inception, consumers had reservations about the genuineness of the offers of freebies. The general perception was that it is not a viable proposition to given away products free of costs to innumerable people even if they are samples. A section of the consumers refuse to believe that free samples or free stuff are of the same quality as that are offered for sale. It took considerable time for public to recognize the genuineness of the freebie websites which have sprouted throughout. The fact, that the offer of freebies is genuine and it is a part of the marketing strategies adopted by the companies, is now acknowledged. While consumers are benefited by the free offers, the entrepreneurs could make their products and services popular in the markets.

Due to several constraints large segments of the society are not able to afford many luxuries. But when freebie websites offered samples of expensive perfumes, it was a new experience for the consumers. This is only an example to point out the ground reality. Another gift of 30 days free DVD rentals is considered as a boon by the beneficiaries. Samples of premium wines or expensive toys for free are not something the modern consumers can ignore. Apart from such luxuries consumable items like cosmetics, sugar and other essentials are now offered through the freebie portals. Regular visitors to the freebie websites are aware that several surprises are in store for them. One of the portals has offered free national lottery tickets to every 25th visitor. Free vouchers for eating out with families in reputed restaurants are very common bonanza today.

Membership of freebie websites is free. There are no obligations for the members as and when they are offered free gifts etc. Anyone can discard the membership at any time. But experiences of the past have revealed that very few stop from participating in the freebie portals as they are perennial sources for bargains. Everyone who enrolls as a member of the freebie website can recommend others to become members and reap the benefits. As for the sponsors of the freebies, they are able to introduce several new products and services in the market. It is in a way more economic to adopt the freebie websites to reach the consuming public than resorting to expensive advertisement campaigns. It is very common to see that new products from unknown or little known manufacturers get introduced in the markets through freebie websites. Deputing sales representatives with samples and publicity materials to the doorsteps of consumers is now an outdated practice. Instead, freebie websites are better options to promote new products and services. It is now realized that market penetration of products are easier and faster than the conventional methods.

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