Our Story


A High Save Dog Rescue

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Who We Are


We are Lead and Love Dog Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue located in Bend, Oregon. We are an all-volunteer Foster Home based organization.



What We Do


Our mission is to help local Shelters achieve a High Save status, something that we strongly believe is possible. While some rescues “cherry-pick” Shelters, leaving them with mostly unadoptable dogs, we focus our efforts on those dogs that are being overlooked by the public due to behavior issues. We take those dogs and place them in the Lead and Love program where they receive daily training and/or rehabilitation. When they are ready, we find them the best possible loving home environment in which they can thrive.

Why We Do It


We do it to save more lives!


When a dog enters into the Shelter system he/she is no longer a “pet”. Once abandoned, dogs go directly into survival mode, a very stressful and confusing state of mind to be in. While during their stay at the Shelter, most dogs display behaviors that would not ever be seen in a loving home.


We have seen firsthand what a little patience, training and TLC can do for Shelter dogs. We have seen dogs that were on euthanasia lists become wonderful family pets. We have seen high kill Shelters become high save Shelters because of the rescue work that we do.   We believe that Low Kill can become a reality in our community and we are blazing a path toward that future. So, this is why we do it. We do it to save more lives!

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